our story

At the peak of the COVID 19 pandmeic and after 4 rescheduled wedding dates, we took a leap of faith combining both our passion of creating and our love for celebrating.

Three years later and happily married, we focus on custom and one of a kind specialty rental pieces for all life’s celebratory moments.

Get to know the murphys

Justin Murphy

Co-owner, builder and engineer. Justin is a master woodworker at heart and the muscle behind the dream. Nearly all of Murphy & Co. pieces are hand built by him.

Allison Murphy

Co-owner and creative designer, Allison is the dreamer and risk-seeker. Managing trends, connecting with clients and dreaming up for the future. Her favorite part of the job? Celebrating love! Having even a small part in our clients sweet celebrations is the best feeling.

Special thank you to the below photographers and vendor friends for sharing their work with us.

Red Cardinal Photo;Wyeth Augustine Photo; The Hazel Club; Brian Anthony Photo; Jennifer Austin Photo; Richard Israel Photo; Leandra Creative Photo; Kathleen Baker Photo; Beca Hale Photo; Kaleigh Yager Photo; Heidi Bee Photo; Tripp Photo; Wonderstruck Liz; Amanda Somerville Photography